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Our simple and holistic approach to skincare is evident throughout our service menu. Treatments are thoughtfully chosen to address all your skincare concerns and needs. Using award-winning products with natural and effective ingredients, we compose a treatment plan that was quite literally MADE for your skin. Treatments are only chosen after a comprehensive skin analysis addressing any concerns, to help you achieve whatever your goals and intentions may be. Each treatment plan is purposefully designed to improve the skin's overall health and appearance while facilitating a practice that is centered around regulating the nervous system by using somatic grounding techniques. Willow & Sage Skincare are proud partners of Face Reality Skincare, Hale & Hush, TiZo and RevitaLash. 

Classic Custom Facial

Ultimate Rejuvenation Facial

Express Facial

Facial Skincare Acne Liberty Gladstone Northland Kansas City
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Facial Skincare Acne Liberty Gladstone Northland Kansas City

Treatment includes a thorough skin analysis to prescribe the appropriate treatment plan, a deep cleanse, one form of exfoliation based on your skincare needs and concerns, extractions as needed, one skin restoring masque, a rejuvenating facial massage, as well as a collagen building L.E.D treatment.

Duration | 1 hr 15 min

Suggested frequency | 4-6 wks

Price | $115

Treatment includes a meticulous skin analysis to craft the perfect treatment plan for whatever your skin may be in need of, a deep cleanse, two forms of exfoliation, extractions as needed, a tension dissolving facial massage and two masques. The service is ended with a L.E.D treatment and arm massage.


Duration | 1 hr 45 min

Suggested frequency | 4-6 wks

Price | $155

Treatment includes a thorough skin analysis, a deeply purifying steam cleanse, gentle exfoliation, skin replenishing masque, and a stress melting facial massage.


Duration | 45 min

Suggested frequency | 4-6 wks

Price | $60

à la carte Treatments

L.E.D Treatment

FDA cleared and scientifically proven to boost collagen and elastin production for reversing and preventing aging, heal wounds, and provides anti-inflammatory support. Treatment can also benefit acne-prone clients as blue light therapy kills bacteria that causes acne and balances oil production.

Duration | 35 min

Suggested frequency | 4-6 wks

Price | $38

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels enhance collagen production, fades discoloration, scarring, sun damage, improves skin texture, reduces acne, tightens pores, wrinkles, and fine lines as well as helps products work more effectively on the skin. Expect little to no downtime. 

Duration | 45 min

Suggested frequency | 4-6 wks

Price | $95

Skincare Consultation

Skin is firstly cleansed and then a thorough skin analysis is performed to determine skin type, current conditions, and sensitivity. Any concerns will be addressed with your fully customized skincare routine. Each item can be picked up or shipped directly to you at no cost. 

Duration | 30-45 min

Suggested frequency | N/A

Price | $45

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