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Acne Program

Over 60 million Americans suffer from acne each year. It's no secret that acne is a profitable industry which in turn causes a flood of misinformation and quick-fix products that don't address the root cause of acne. Have you felt defeated trying new product after new product or have been prescribed aggressive methods of treatment only for the condition of your skin to  worsen? Willow & Sage Skincare's ground-breaking approach to acne is holistic, has a 90% success rate, offers guidance from a certified acne expert, and is proven to visibly improve skin in as little as 90 days. 

Acne Consultation 

Duration | 45 min

Price | $105

Acne Consultation
with Treatment

This comprehensive program provides all the tools you need to achieve a clear and healthy complexion. With a 90% success rate, Face Reality provides products designed to help you accomplish your clear-skin goals. During the Acne Program consultation we address the root cause of acne and all of the possible contributors to breakouts. We also go over your specific acne type and which products will be most beneficial and why. Once you book your consultation, you will leave your visit having all the tips, tricks, education, products and continuous support from your Certified Acne Specialist to begin your journey to clear skin with confidence. Within this 90 minute session you will also receive your first acne treatment. Please note our acne program requires 3-6 Acne Treatments scheduled bi-weekly to see results. 

Duration | 90 min

Price | $175

For established clients only. Each acne treatment will be tailored to meet the needs of your skin the day of your visit. This thorough treatment includes cleansing, skin analysis, and a hydrating fruit enzyme treatment or chemical peel as seen fit by your Certified Acne Specialist. Each Acne Program follow up visit provides valuable time with your specialist to reassess your home care and determine what, if any changes to your routine will best encourage further progress.

Duration | 1 hr

Price | $95

Acne Treatment

Virtual Acne Consultation

In this guided 1 on 1 session with a trained and certified acne specialist, we will dive into the many contributing factors of acne, educate you on the root cause of acne, demonstrate how the ingredients in Face Reality’s products directly address those root causes, and educate you on the proper use of products. After your fully customized skincare routine is determined each item can be shipped directly to you at no cost. 

Duration | 30-45 min

Price | $80

For established clients only. Similar treatment process to that of the face but performed on the back area. Back treatments may be added onto a regular acne treatment for only an additional $55. 

Duration | 45 min

Price | $95

Back Treatment

Virtual Acne Program Check-in

For established clients only. Each Virtual Acne Program follow up allows for essential time with your specialist to have in-depth discussion of your skin's current condition, addressing any concerns you may have. During your check-ins we will reassess your home care to assure your routine is cultivating a basis for meeting your clear-skin goals. 

Duration | 15-20 minutes

Price | $30

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