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Hannah Minor is the owner and operator of Willow & Sage Skincare. She is an experienced acne and sensitive skin specialist working with mild to severe acne cases for years, being the entirety of her career.  Her strengths lie in providing around-the-clock coaching, her willingness to be a support system in the acne clearing process for anyone who needs advice or even a little encouragement, and providing results-driven customized treatments and home-care plans. At Willow & Sage Skincare open lines of communication are strongly encouraged and we prioritize our commitment to providing you with exceptional customer service. Hannah has a passion for connection and helping every client in achieving their skincare goals while providing an other worldly spa experience inspired by meditation, nature and calming the body's sensory apparatus. In Hannah's free time she enjoys being in nature, practicing yoga, spending her evenings with her husband and beloved pets, as well as grabbing brunch, hitting local antique stores, and attending concerts. Hannah loves helping her husband at local fairs and designing new jewelry pieces for his wire-wrapping business too which can be found on his website

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What we do

Each treatment is personalized for every unique comfort and skincare need. No challenge is too big or too small and we are dedicated to serving each guest with high quality treatments, products, and education. We emphasize the importance of adhering to rigorous sterilization procedures for guaranteed guest and provider safety. As your skincare providers we are devoted to upholding the utmost standards of infection control. To ensure our guest's health and safety we require gloves and a mask to be worn while the service is performed. You can relax and put your trust in our hands as our commitment to your health, safety, & comfort is unequivocal. 

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